Feb 2016

  • Our 2016 AGM  (updated 16/04/2016)

Formal notice is hereby given that we will be holding our AGM in the Ardboyne Hotel on Saturday the 16th of April 2016 at 2pm. Please email any item you wish to add to the agenda. If you are unable to attend and wish to vote on a ballot if any, a Proxy form is available on this website in the “contact” section or by contacting us.

Download proxy form for AGM 2016

Following the AGM which was held in the Ardboyne Hotel on Saturday 16th of April at 2pm, please find below a copy of the presentation and detailed architects drawing which were discussed at the meeting.

AGM Presentation 16th April 2016

Detailed Architects Drawing


  • Where are we now? March 2016

Since JPP first launched in late 2014, we have had a massive increase in support. In fact if you are not contributing to the maintenance and development of this park that we all collectively own, you are now in a fast shrinking minority. Inspired by your commitments we remain dedicated to voluntarily overseeing the collection of maintenance fees and ensuring these fees are spent purely on the betterment of our park while impacting positively on our neighbourhood as a whole.  No money of any description has been paid to any volunteer or director of JPP since its creation, and it will stay this way. Please don’t put it off any further, set up your fee payments. A year and a half has passed us already.

  • Spring Cleaning the Park-March 2016 AES_BNM logo

On Saturday the 2nd of April next we will be organising our Spring Clean. Overall the park is a lot cleaner than this time last year but it still needs a going over. AES waste will be donating & delivering a skip at 11am and collecting at 1pm. So if you can spare and hour to help, please come along. Gloves, bags and litter pickers will be provided as always. The last two cleans were a great success and thank you to all concerned, especially the kids and teenagers who were a great help and a lot faster than us. It was inspiring to see the younger generations taking pride in their neighbourhood.

Sticker 2016
  • Let’s talk about money! March 2016

Firstly, if you have paid the 2015 fees (€60) by cheque or bank transfer, this payment is now due again for 2016. We would prefer the monthly standing order for€5 to avoid us having to try and collect the single payment each January and also to help us budget.  This form and our account details along with anything else you need are on this website. If you have already been paying by standing order then that is perfect.  Just make sure to address any outstanding arrears prior to 2015 before interest is applied. Our fees are €5 per month by standing order (the full €60 for the year can be paid by cheque or bank transfer if you really prefer).

Our debt restructuring deadlines have passed on 31/12/15, hence any account in arrears which did not take advantage of the offer will now have the full original balance outstanding and interest will now be applied.

  • Updated accounts! March 2016

Statements and invoices for 2015 and 2016 are now being issued. These statements should reflect all payments and discounts agreed and help keep you up to date with your account. If you are unsure about any part of these statements please just contact us.

  • 2016 Arrears agreement! March 2016

Due to a massive response to our debt restructuring plan in 2015, we have extended the deadline until the end of 2016. This agreement form once returned will cut your arrears in half and we will freeze the remaining half until sale or transfer of the property. This agreement will also ensure that no interest is applied to the remaining arrears.  This is 50% off your arrears and the remaining frozen.  If you were unaware of these fees when you purchased your property, just give us a shout and we can clarify everything and point you in the right direction. The longer it is left the more arrears and interest will accumulate. Every house has an account and it is your responsibility to ensure the arrears are in order. Your neighbours have made it clear that they care about the neighbourhood and we would urge you to finally take ownership of your park, to pay your fees and address any arrears; you owe it to your neighbours to do your bit. In case you need convincing, you also have a legal requirement to pay these fees, which are not a lot. They are just enough! €5 per month.

Download Aged Debt Agreement Form

Download Standing Order Form 2016

  • JPP/Lyoness Membership cards. (March 2016)

As part of our Member’s Benefit Package and our affiliation with Lyoness – The worldwide Leader in one-for-all loyalty cards, we now have the hard (wallet-version) cards available to accompany the digital card on your phone. We would encourage every member to register for their card as this card will also act as a membership card for Johnstown People’s Park and may be requested when looking for our discounts in all park sponsoring shops and businesses. You can only register on this website. So hurry and register and your digital card will be ready straight away, with the physical, plastic card posted out within a few weeks. Every member (over 18) of every home is eligible for this membership card which now features our unique JPP Logo. Get yours ordered today, register for free here.


Lyoness JPP Card (ver1)

  • Lyoness is delighted to welcome TESCO as a new Loyalty Merchant
    • offering 2% CASH-BACK (and 1 shopping points per €100 spend)

As a JPP/Lyoness member you can purchase TESCO Gift Cards and make savings on shopping for groceries and fuel at TESCO stores around Ireland. So don’t delay, register for your personal JPP/Lyoness Membership card on this website. https://www.johnstownpeoplespark.ie/loyalty-rewards/

You can buy TESCO Gift Cards in one of 3 ways:
1. Buy Gift Cards directly from the Lyoness office.
2. Buy Gift Cards from a number of voucher selling points around Ireland.
3. Order your gift Cards on line by automating the process with a standing order.
Using your Gift Cards Once the Gift Cards are purchased, you shop as normal in your local TESCO store. Hand the Gift Card to the Cashier when you are at the checkout and paying for your groceries or fuel. You do not have to show the Cashier your Lyoness Cashback Card at the till. You will get great value at Tesco whether you are shopping for groceries, clothing, gifts, entertainment, hardware, homeware and so much more. With 149 stores in the Republic of Ireland and 22 petrol filling stations, there are lots of ways to get even more value with your Tesco gift card.

Based on a weekly grocery shop of €200 this would equate to €208 cash back over the year – This is some good savings with Tesco alone!!! Hurry and register for your card here.


  • Playground Proposal March 2016

The much talked about playground is still a work in progress. The short version is that MCC came back to us last September and asked us to employ an architect to draw up a “master plan” for the park, allocating space for the playground. This has been completed and sent back to the council for their input. Things like this always take time and we are always planning the development with or without a playground should the council decide it is not a runner. Let’s not forget that if this goes ahead we need to ensure we do it correctly. A lot of energy has gone into this process and we would expect an agreement soon or we will simply focus on our own development strategy.

  • Park Usage for Sports Clubs March 2016

Johnstown football club (JFC) and Walterstown GAA club have both expressed an interest in using our park. All parties are aware that any use will depend on when the car park is installed. This ties in with the playground proposal currently with MCC as the car park will be used for both. When council involvement is confirmed, usage agreements will be mutually agreed with any sports club before commencement, taking into account multiple factors. If a local club is using this park we want to do it right and this may take a bit of time, but it is progressing.

  • Soccer and GAA events for minors 2016

In the short term, Walterstown GAA are hoping to hold registration event days during 2016, which will see some of the minor teams training in the park to promote awareness and encourage our local young ladies and gentlemen to join. Similarly, Johnstown football Club are hoping to organise a summer world cup for minors in the park. Like all events, alerts and notices, we will email you these details when we know more, assuming we have your email address.

  • Remotely Monitored CCTV March 2016

When the up to date monitored CCTV system is installed we can then look at providing other smaller park facilities such as,

  • park benches
  • litter bins
  • internal & external floral displays
  • Outdoor exercise equipment
  • Revamped centre courts

We still need to accumulate an excess of 6-10K to start this project without impacting on our yearly cash flow. Please be assured that this project remains a priority as further projects depend on the secure monitoring of the park. Once the CCTV system is live, we can install benches and bins etc, safe in the knowledge that should intentional damage occur we will have the footage to prosecute. Just to clarify, these cameras will not cover any person’s private property as is the law. They will simply cover the interior and exterior of the park grounds to include estate entrances. They will have night vision and zooming capabilities.

  • Where are the fees currently going? March 2016

The fees and older arrears collected during 2015 have gone toward,

  • Grass cutting every 3-4 weeks
  • Park signage and information
  • Rear hedging control
  • Spring and Autumn deep cleans
  • All trees pruned to six foot and above
  • Flyers and communications
  • Public liability and Directors Insurance
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment for regular litter patrol
  • Daily mobile security patrols
  • Halloween bonfire prevention measures
  • Spring flowering bulbs planted
  • Accounts & administration

To add to the above and early in 2016 we would hope to have commenced on,

  • Existing pathways  & edging to be redefined
  • Pest control measures at rear hedging
  • Level and re-sowing of grass at the rear of the park
  • More frequent grass maintenance
  • All railings, walls and pillars to be deep cleaned including graffiti removal.
  • Iron/steel gating on Pedestrian entrances (Lockable) Please note that we will get one done every few months.


  • Halloween 2015/2016

We coordinated numerous measures to deter a bonfire in our park in October 2015, including closing and gating the park for two weeks prior to Halloween, removal of stored fire material from the hedgerow, increasing our mobile security to 10 patrols daily, issuing email alerts, distributing flyers, erecting warning signage and establishing a text alert system between many local residents who were prepared to dismantle any bonfire at a moment’s notice. We had two large vans and drivers on standby to assist with the removal of any material meant for burning.

– All these factors combined prevented this fire taking place and more importantly the public disorder that is associated with such an event which we witnessed in 2014. It just goes to show that with greater support from all the residents we can effect change.

These measures will be repeated in 2016 along with a few extra ones, and with greater efficiency and more support we are confident that we will again prevent these unwanted actions in a park that we all have to pay maintenance for.  Basically if you build a fire we will take it down, so please don’t. All the residents are paying money to maintain and develop our park. No council money goes towards this.

  • Mobile Security Patrols March 2016

On the 1st of May 2015 our mobile security patrols commenced for a continual assessment period. We have authorised approximately 730 annual patrols at key times and at with secondary follow ups by the security team if deemed necessary. They are tasked with ensuring that the park rules are adhered to and will be permitted to instruct people who are not acting in accordance to these rules to vacate the area as it is private property. These patrols have given us information on particular areas and other elements which we will continually monitor. The Park rules are hung at 8 locations around the park and are available on this website for download. The key words here are “Private Property” which gives us to power to restrict any behaviour deemed unacceptable and with the added bonus of being able to call on the Gardai as any illegal act is covered by their remit whether it is on public or private property. Over time we will restructure these patrols to be more focused on key locations and times based on the knowledge we are gathering. All instances will be recorded and if necessary, any information needed will be passed on to the Gardai for prosecution. Private civil prosecution is also an option.

We have been instructed to keep reporting any incidents to Navan Gardai as resources may improve in time and it is important to build up a catalogue of reported cases to hopefully influence more efficient controls in the future. This applies to any illegal activity anywhere.


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