It’s Your Park, It’s Your Future!

Play Your Part.

Johnstown People’s Park (JPP) is located in Johnstown in Navan, Co. Meath. This park is owned by over 2000 local residents living in 633 homes in our four member estates. These estates are Spire View, Millbrook, Boyne View and The Priory. The park is linked to house purchases in the area since the area was built circa twenty years ago. This park was never taken in charge by the local council. The park itself is a gated 8 acre site with little more than a few trees as it stands now. Previous and present directors of the management company have struggled to upscale this park and get members to pay their management fees, barely securing enough funding to ensure the park was maintained and insured. We are to the extent now that we face losing this fabulous amenity. With this thought heavy on our minds, the new board of directors have put together an ambitious drive to turn this park around and create a local park that is redeveloped, maintained and most of all fit for purpose. Our aim is to create an area where children can play safely away from the dangers of local traffic. To have a park that will have amenities for young and old alike and grace our community during all seasons of the year. A park that will bring our community together and show to the world, what can be done if we do it together!

Our aim for this park is to provide a facility that will stand out in Johnstown, to be the heart of Johnstown, and make all the local residents of Johnstown proud of this park. As well as basic maintenance and insurance costs we would like to provide an all weather walking/running track, soccer and GAA pitches, a basketball court, tennis court and a kiddies practice drive/cycle track amongst other amenities. Substantial efforts are going towards the future security of the park also. We hope to work with local sporting clubs, schools and associations who would be interested in using the park for children’s sporting events, along with local horticultural societies and enthusiasts to provide necessary landscaping and foliage that will help to age the park gracefully. We would like to have a plaza in the park where we can hold family event days and farmers markets. We need to set aside an annual budget for trees for the next few years so we can grace the walkway under a tree canopy. All these ideas rely heavily on the commitment of the local members to pay their monthly fees. With these fees combined with the help of sponsorships by companies working in our local area we aim to finally get this park moving in the right direction and at the same time build a sense of community in Johnstown while we still remember what that word means.

Our fees are €6 per month which is approximately €1.38 per week. A standing order form is available on this website in the “Contact us” section, under “downloads. Please get your standing order set up so we can budget for the park. So we can start to do what should have been done at the start. This is our chance to build something from nothing. This is your chance to PLAY YOUR PART!