EGM 2024

Dear Member,

Please find attached for your attention:-

  1. EGM notice for meeting to be held in the Newgrange Hotel on Monday, 27th May 2024 @ 19.30 p.m.   The meeting is for the purpose of discussing the proposed leasing and future development of the Johnstown People Park by Johnstown Football Club and a Motion will take place to allow the Directors of Barcape (aka Johnstown People Park) to carry out negotiations on behalf of all associated properties to the Peoples Park with the Club.
  2. Letter of proposal from Johnstown Football Club.
  3. Picture of the proposed football ground, playground etc.

In advance of the meeting we would advise that if this is agreed by the owners and in time the Club do rent the lands to the Club and the redevelopment goes forward, this does not take away from the fact that the Barcape Mt. Co. will remain in place.   All properties that form part of Barcape Limited have a lease that forms part of their title to their property and as such it will continue to operate.   A public liability policy of insurance will remain in place, separate to the policy of insurance that the Football Club will require, you will be obliged to continue to file audited accounts and you will have to do an annual return in relation to whatever income is derived from any rent paid.  The mgt. co. will continue via Fisher Property as their Agents to recoup service charges outstanding.   The annual mgt. fee may reduce as their will be no landscaping service in operation, but the other costs involved will remain in place.

It is in all owner’s interest to attend at this meeting in order that they can raise any questions or concerns and vote in relation to whether or not they believe the Directors should enter into negotiations on behalf of the Mgt. Co.

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