Johnstown People’s Park Introducing Pinergy

Pinergy are committed to helping Irish homes and businesses become more energy efficient. They partner with customers to deliver innovative energy solutions that reduce energy consumption, waste and cost. With the Pinergy In Home Display and Smart App, you can monitor and track exactly how much electricity you are using and what it costs in real time.

Based on Pinergy domestic customers, 32% of those surveyed reduced their consumption by more than 20%.



We will provide you with:


 10% discount off standard unit price
 €10 free LED bulbs
 €10 welcome credit


The benefits of LED bulbs


Every 10 LED light bulbs = savings of approx. €120 per year.
Every LED bulb is guaranteed for 5 years.

If you would like more information please visit

This special offer is exclusive to JPP residents and is open to every household in our four member estates and will benefit all involved. For every Pinergy Smart fitted, Pinergy will make a contribution to JPP to go toward maintenance and development.






With the free in Home Display you can

Monitor how much electricity you are using in realtime
Track how much you are spending
See your usage on a daily, weekly & monthly basis
 Understand which appliances are using the most energy
Input how much you would like to save each day and

calculate your monthly savings

Pinergy developed Ireland’s first-to-market Smart App to help you monitor your electricity usage and cost.


With the Pinergy Smart App you can:



Check your balance at a glance
Track your usage in euro, kWh and CO2
Schedule your top ups to happen at a particular time, set up automatic top ups when your balance runs low or use instant top up
No more bills or estimates, you only pay for what you use as you use it







And you can download the FREE Pinergy Smart App on



To switch to Pinergy please email or call 0870948861. Once you become a customer of Pinergy drop us a note at or on 083 4489714 so we can claim our donation from Pinergy to go towards the running and development of Johnstown Park.